The Furniture of Daniel Clay, 1795–1829

Daniel Sousa, Assistant Curator at Historic Deerfield in Deerfield, MA, was a Carolyn and Michael McNamara Young Scholar Lecturer at Colonial Williamsburg’s 72nd Annual Antiques Forum in February 2020, a series sponsored by the Decorative Arts Trust. Sousa was the Decorative Arts Trust Curatorial Intern at Historic Deerfield from 2017 to 2018 before he received this curatorial position. Sousa holds a BA in History from Providence College in Providence, RI, and a MA in History from The University of Massachusetts, Boston. In his Forum presentation, “Keeping it in the Family”: The Furniture of Daniel Clay, 1795–1829, Sousa uses inscriptions and other genealogical information to connect furniture between Clay and the previous owners. 

Enjoy this recording of Sousa’s lecture on our YouTube channel

For more information on Historic Deerfield’s Daniel Clay collection, see these Part 1 and Part 2 video tours with Associate Curator Christine Ritok. 

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