A “Thank You” to Randy Schrimsher

randy-germany-5Randy Schrimsher and his wife, Kelly, have been fixtures at Decorative Arts Trust events for many years, even going to a Trust symposium in Houston as a date before they were married! As President of the Board of Governors, Randy has served as the face of the Trust for the past 6 years while working as the primary mover and shaker behind the scenes. On December 31st, Randy’s term will come to an end. The Trust owes him a great debt of gratitude for his years of enthusiastic participation, support, and service, which will thankfully continue under the the new title of President Emeritus.  As Matt and Christian have settled in to work at the Trust, they have both come to appreciate his insights, advice, and sense of humor through all the various adventures—both on the road and in the boardroom—that come with the job.

Randy’s involvement has been invaluable to the Trust, not only during times of change like the handover of the directorship from Penny Hunt to Matt, but also during a period of unprecedented growth and expansion of the Trust’s outreach and influence. His summation of his time with the Trust is, perhaps, overly modest: “I can never give back to the Trust what I’ve gotten out of it, from the curators to the collectors to the people that just have interest, it’s all been a fabulous experience.”

While he may not boast about himself, we think he has done a phenomenal job. Thank you for your many years of wonderful service and stewardship, Randy, and here’s to many more!


  1. Barbara Bailey says:

    Randy is a treasure .What a nice man to say hello with that wonderful smile and then of course there is his accent .Thank you Randy for doing the job so well .

  2. Mary Meese says:

    More thanks than I can express Randy for your leadership and friendship over all the years I’ve been a Trust member. You and Kelly are so important to the Trust and I hope you two will continue for years to come!. Mary

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