A Southern California Excursion: Exploring Pasadena’s Art and Architecture

Decorative Arts Trust members spent November 8 exploring Pasadena’s decorative arts scene as part of the Decorative Arts Trust’s special day-long program in Southern California. 

The Gamble House

The day began at the Gamble House, the iconic American Arts & Crafts site designed in 1908 by the architectural firm of Charles and Henry Greene for Mary and David B. Gamble of the Procter & Gamble Company. Planned as a winter dwelling, the Gamble House is often referred to as “America’s Arts & Crafts Masterpiece,” and features an extraordinary percentage of the original furnishings. Participants were thrilled with Gamble House Director Ted Bosely’s in-depth tour. 

Exclusive Tour of a Private Home

After lunch, participants had the unique opportunity to visit the home of a Pasadena-based collector, whose eclectic collection encompassed Art Nouveau furnishings, prints, drawings, and glassware. This special collection was so secret that we are not able to share images of it with the public! 

Overall, Trust members thoroughly enjoyed the sunny and splendid day, and the Trust hopes to offer more tours on the West Coast in the future. 

View more upcoming events on the Trust’s online calendar. Members at the Ambassador level and above receive an early pre-registration benefit. 

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